Friday, June 10, 2005

Working at a large corporation

Its interesting to watch. Lots of smart people doing lots of dumb things that eventually create mediocre business value to the customer with a blase experience for the end-user.

Attended a seminar by Adam Bosworth He made some excellent points about the worlds of databases (RDBMS) and the web-at-large.

He did not think that RFID or EPC had a natural marriage with XML, although I differ. To me the Blog world & RSS World are the first Event-driven Process-driven Applications that end-users are experiencing. As they imbibe these concepts, they will look to see the same concepts implemented in real world.

Dynamic Pricing for a new entrepreneur is akin to what ebay/froogle does in some sense. People have learnt to live that same things sold by different people or at different times or at different terms cost differently.

And Dynamic Pricing is just one example of a new business model.

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