Friday, February 17, 2006

Identity Management on Web 2.0

I wonder if the teenagers building websites today on myspace etc will regret their decisions 10 years from now. I surely would have regretted today if I had blogged on “some” of my experiences in grade school through college. I don’t want 10 years from now when I am up for a executive job to have to defend (implicitly, since no one will explicitly ask) my attitudes and experiences of 10 years ago. Its like we are all living in this small tribe/village where everyone knows everyone else.

Here is an idea for business:
- Identity Rehabilitation Service: We rebuild a new online identity for you by deleting existing content and overwhelming search engines etc with ‘new’ content about you. May require name change in extreme cases. The term will be called “Self-Spam” (Defintion: To create content with your userid’s and name on the web to prevent others from finding out about your online past.)

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