Monday, February 20, 2006

Killer app for Web 2.0

Kintan asks in his blog as to what is the killer app of Web 2.0. My bet is on Email. Any software company (enterprise or otherwise) that can successfully change our email experience will be a huge winner. And to the naysayers out there- it has already happened once. Hotmail is not what email started out as in 90s. Its actually a web-based application that looked like email. For example, note that Hotmail-to-Hotmail email may never see SMTP- its actually a database (or file) centric web application.

It can be done again. But who? I know that Google is trying and that Microsoft has the incumbent's advantage and the incumbent's curse.

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Kintan said...

(copied from the comment on my blog...)

Email is a great example of a killer app and the email experience can certainly be improved. But doing so will fall under the "evolutionary" bucket, as compared to "revolutionary" - as we will be improving upon an existing app.

Hotmail at the time was "revolutionary".

With the new UI metaphors of Web 2.0, which evolutionary app will hit the market?

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Anshu Sharma said...

Yes, Hotmail was revolutionary and so was Ebay. My intent was to say that the next revolution may be in one of the everyday mundane apps like E-mail. It can happen twice.