Monday, February 20, 2006

You have to be Dog to know what good Dog food tastes like!

"Eat your own dog food"- that adage is not working for Microsoft or any other 'big' software company. The problem is that they do not have people that really appreciate good dog food i.e., Dogs.

Our friend at Innovation Creators blogs about Google winning the race for Web 2.0 office tools.

Yes, Google is definitely leading this race and the likes of Microsoft will continue to play catch up. Here is what is interesting though, and give it some thought:

The engineers and PMs at Microsoft are as smart as Google, if not smarter. The difference, my friend, is the culture. The Google culture of innovation means that Google engineers and PMs live in the Web 2.0 world- I am not so sure about our friends from Microsoft.

You have to be Dog to know what good Dog food tastes like!!

If I were a Microsoft Exec, I would hire 200 young engineers right out of school and let them build the next Google-killer without guidance or supervision from experienced Microsoftees.

And if IBM, Oracle, HP are listening, do the same for your new businesses.

(Note: These views as all views expressed in my blog are personal.)

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wst... said...

microsoft has incompetent management to start with.