Tuesday, September 26, 2006

President Musharraf appears on The Daily Show

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President Musharraf of Pakistan appeared tonight on The Daily Show to promote his autobiographical book In the Line of Fire. He displayed his intellectual capability and ability to communicate. The interview started with Jon Stewart serving tea to the General/President. The interview was soft relative to the usual Jon Stewart fare but it still was a very risky move for the President to appear on this show. Last night, he appeared on Charlie Rose for a serious look at the topics such as nuclear proliferation. In both his interviews, he was able to explain his perspective on Taleban, Islamic terrorism and other issues, reaching out to millions of viewers who may have negative pre-conceived notions of Pakistan and its role in terrorism and nuclear proliferation. He appeared at ease, was comfortable with the humor and appeared to answer questions honestly without resorting to canned statements that we are used to hearing from politicians here in the US and elsewhere.

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