Wednesday, January 10, 2007

iBanana released; Chiquita sued by Dole

Bananas at work: Creative Commons license by vidrio

Today, Chiquita's world-famous marketing wizard Steve Jobless anounced a USB capable, Bluetooth enabled iBanana. Dole had long ago trademarked the name iBanana for a Banana tree that is powered by wireless electricity and claimed that eventually convergence of wirless electricity and Bluetooth will create confusion in the minds of customers. Dole is suing Chiquita for the potential infringement. Bob Dole was not available for comment. Shakira and Britney Spears refused to provide exact location of Bob Dole claiming "We have not seen him since the Pepsi Ad"

Meanwhile, the shares of i maker Intel that power i and other vowels crept up even as speculation was rife that the i may be replaced by a consonant v due to pricing constraints. Intel has launched a $200 million ad campaign aimed at thwarting AMD's a that claims to be first amongst vowels. Intel's marketing manager claimed that i was first in Roman numerals signifying the number 1 and then hastened to add "..and also 1,2,3 all are i's- i, ii, iii" Watch out competition!

Gratuitous iPhone shot mandated by Apple mafia for all bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious :-)

vinnie mirchandani said...

oh, yes that wireless...I was at a Barnes and Noble and asked the barista if I could plug in to the power outlet near her, and she said - no you cannot this area is for wireless customers...