Friday, February 09, 2007

Joining the Enterprise Irregulars- a study in Ecosystems

I am excited to report that I have been invited to join Enterprise Irregulars, and have accepted. As the Enterprise Irregular says- "We are a diverse group of practitioners, consultants, investors, journalists, analysts and full time bloggers who share a common passion - enterprise technology and its application to business in the 21st century." Over the last year, since I started blogging I have read and opined on articles by fellow Irregulars Jeff Nolan, Rod Boothby, Vinnie Mirchandani and exchanged comments and emails with others.

What does this mean for my blog visitors? You will see a new Enterprise Irregular badge displayed on my blog. This blog will be featured on the Enterprise Irregular site so some of you can read my articles and all others in one single place, or subscribe to our feed. I will also be incented to write more regularly (and be funnier?) as my blog will reach a broader audience.

The Enterprise Irregulars illustrates many benefits of an ecosystem and these principles apply to many other endeavors in life including a startup or a mature business.
  • Marketing: It is hard for one of us to create a brand since many of us blog part time. The EI (Enterprise Irregulars) allows us to pool our marketing resources and benefit from it.
  • Influence: Not too many people care about what an individual reader with a relatively small readership may have to say. But when we speak as a group of Enterprise Software experts, our combined influence is far greater.
  • Community: As I mentioned, having a sense of community of fellow readers (or fellow enterpreneurs or fellow researchers) encourages everyone to try harder.

What are your thoughts? How have you used the power of the ecosystem in your life? What about LinkedIn as an ecosystem enabler?

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Congrats! Sharad