Monday, March 05, 2007

Launching The SaaS Plugin Report: Are you plugged into the grid yet?

I have started a new blog hosted on Oracle Blog network, it is called The SaaS Plugin Report and will focus exclusively on Software-as-a-Service. I recently switched roles at Oracle from Identity Management to work on a new initiative focused on Software as a Service primarily working with on-demand ISVs and hosting companies.

Here is the first blog post..

Are you plugged into the grid yet?

SaaS is the modern day grid. Decades ago businesses, small and large, started discarding their electric generators and plugged into the electric grid. Businesses that were rich enough or had higher requirements (SLAs) relied on captive on-premise or near-premise generation. This pattern repeats for other infrastructure that today is part of various grids- the railway network, the roads, etc. In similar vein, the computing is going through a generational shift from on-premise services to services grid or SaaS.

In this blog, we will discuss why is SaaS important? How is it changing our daily lives and impacting the decisions of CIOs? What can you as a developer for an ISV, a consultant for an SI or an end-user take advantage of this shift?

As with all generational shifts, this is not going to happen overnight. Every now and then you will notice glimpses of how the world around you is changing- your E-mail moves to Gmail from your local POP server, your CRM moves to a hosted model, your day to day work starts involving logging into sites- and one day a majority of your computing needs are served by SaaS.

Oracle is intimately involved in this transition from several vantage points. Oracle Siebel CRM On-Demand is one of the leaders in CRM SaaS, Oracle On-Demand provides hosting services for technology and applications, and leading ISVs run their SaaS applications on Oracle Database and Middleware.

I hope to have an active engagement with our readers on these topics. Feel free to leave your comments and email me.

Do you think the move to SaaS is real? Are you asking your ISVs about SaaS option? What do you think?

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Please note that all opinions expressed on this and The SaaS Plugin Report are mine and do not in any way reflect opinions of my employer.

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