Saturday, April 14, 2007

India still needs WaaS, PaaS and not (only) SaaS

India is making a lot of progress with more new billionaires being minted every month. The focus on software industry sometimes takes away from what are more pertinent problems- Water (as a Service) and Power (as a Service). Most Delhiites get around 2 to 4 hours of water supply and must have intricate arrangement of electric pumps and tanks to store water for the other 20 hours. Similarly, the business of electricity invertors (think of them as an electricity cache) is booming. The invertor stores power in a battery and when power goes off (every day), the invertor can provide a fraction of your power needs to run your computers and fans but not air conditioners.

It is no wonder that VC Vinod Khosla, with his ties to Delhi, identified water and energy as the mega opportunties for the next few decades.

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