Friday, May 11, 2007

First software, now journalism -is bartending next?

All I can say is that Lou Dobbs now has some more material to scare everyone with. This widely reported story (California Web Site Outsources Reporting) just goes to illustrate that all jobs are increasingly global. What's next? Housekeeping? Coffee Barista? Barkeep?

Well, if telemedicine can let you do surgery from a distance, perhaps we are not that far away from a day when a robot pours you a glass of beer while someone from Bangalore talks to you through lifesize HDTV videoconferencing (Cisco) about how John Edwards screwed up with his $400 haircut? Perhaps the haircut could also be done remote.

So here is a thought experiment- assuming full lifesize HD videoconferencing and remote-controlled robotic machinery - what jobs cannot be performed from afar?


Anonymous said...

This is what happens in globalized economy , the day is not far when work will be outsourced from bangalore to some cities in vietnam or some other place....

Anonymous said...

If you watch the NBC show Heroes - it gives you a glimpse of your last comment.

Why you could even Teleport yourself to get a piece of the action!!