Friday, May 18, 2007

How about Citizenship for legal Visa holders?

I have mixed feelings on the new law. Although we need a pragmatic solution the illegal immigration issue, it does seem to reward those that did not follow the rules. What makes it worse is that the new law does not give any significant relief to those in the queue. How about allowing anyone on an H1B visa to directly apply for and get citizenship? Or at least reduce the time required to obtain a permanent residency (green card)? Here are some other issues that must be addressed:
  • It is highly unfair that spouses (typically women) of H1B Visa holders are not allowed to work. This is a loss to both the employee and the US economy.
  • The current system of employer sponsored Green Card limits the freedom of employees who could otherwise switch jobs and thus partly depressing wages as they have limited choice. Allow H1B holders to self sponsor for Green Cards.
  • Drop the myth of H1B: In order to get an H1B visa, I (and my friends) had to prove that we don't intend to immigrate to the USA. As far as I know 90% of people that come to the US on H1B stay here (legally) and become permanent residents. So why this farce? Why not have an immigrant visa (H1S) program for technically qualified instead?

(As with all posts here, these are my personal opinions).

What do you think?

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JaJa Binks said...

Great point.

One way the US government can stimulate their housing market is to give permanent citizenship status to Indian/foreigners who have been living in US for more than 6 years or have a PhD degree or higher qualification.

This way they have atleast 100,000 genuine people who would be interested in long-term investment in USA (buying property and contributing to the economy).