Sunday, December 09, 2007

Aberdeen Group on Oracle SaaS Platform: A Leader

The Aberdeen Group has issued a research note evaluating the Oracle SaaS Platform. The Insight report talks to the leadership and momentum of the SaaS Platform for ISVs looking to build on-demand applications. I will let Aberdeen Group's report do the talking, so here is a short excerpt from the conclusion section:
Oracle has indeed established a leading position in the market for SaaS platforms. Independent Software Vendors are attracted to Oracle's product for its scalability, security, and productivity inducing development environment. The functionality of this SaaS platform is further augmented by its ability to manage and meet Service Level Agreements, a vital facet of the product for most SaaS vendors. [Read full report here (PDF)]
In a section titled, "Oracle Achieves Leadership in SaaS hosting", the report goes into the rationale behind the strength of our platform. You can also read my earlier post on the leadership we have in this space.

All I can say is, I agree!

(I currently lead product management for Oracle SaaS Platform, and my opinions expressed here may be therefore biased. Also, the blog and the views expressed here are personal.)

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