Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nick Carr Doesn't Understand Anything (Weekend Humor)

Nick took umbrage at Michael Krigsman post entitled Robert Scoble doesn’t understand enterprise software . He responds with Michael Krigsman doesn't understand enterprise software. In keeping with the Holiday spirit, I am here to take this to the next logical level. ;)

3 Reasons Nick Carr doesn't get it when it comes to.. umm.. anything:
  1. The amorality of Web 2.0: He believes that the Web2.0 is amoral. He clearly refuses to acknowledge the genocide in Darfur. What's next, support for Al Qaeda?
  2. Sharecropping the long tail: In this piece that reflects gross insensitivity to the long history of sharecropping's association with slavery (see Wikipedia entry), Nick tries to advocate this egregious practice.
  3. The ignorance of crowds: Oh, how easy it is to make fun of the average. Does he not know that 50% of Americans are below average? How can he turn his back on half the nation that has given us so much.
I am here to extend a hand of friendship this Holiday Season to Nick, if he agrees to not blog for the rest of the year. Otherwise, as Fake Steve nicely puts it: Negative people upset me.

- Word to the humor challenged: If you can't get the fact that this is obviously sarcastic take at the trend to grab headline attention by attacking well-known personalities, I feel sorry for you. Also, my Nigerian Uncle left some money for you.
- Note to myself: Stop reading Fake Steve's blog. He can get away with stuff, you cannot.


sig said...

oops, afraid you walked into a classic trap on the "50% of americans are below average".

Not necessarily so, average usually meaning arithmetic mean, and the distribution can be skewed.

Taleb used a good example:
A population of 10; 9 have income of 40 k and one have 1 k -> mean is: (9*40+1)/10 = 36,100. In that case only 10% is below average...

Have to keep your arguments sharp in a good blog-fight you know ;)

(Double oops actually, my fist effort was slightly off in the calculation, thus a second try... slap on own fingers)

Anshu Sharma said...

Now, Taleb is one of my favorite authors but don't bring him into this food fight. Clearly, 50% that are below the (median) average wouldn't understand and the 50% that are above shouldn't mind.

Also, do you realize you are supporting genocide by being on the other side of my argument. How do you sleep at night?

sig said...

Ouch, now I'm 68.7 % sure that you're above arguments on average, Nick, you got my support now!