Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oracle SaaS Platform Growth

Phil Wainewright writes:
The event itself signals Oracle’s increasing awareness of its opportunity to become a leading supplier of the building-blocks for Saas infrastructure. There’s been a big turnaround in Oracle’s public pronouncements on SaaS in the past year, culminating at Oracle OpenWorld with the announcement of its new CRM On Demand products and a restatement of its commitment to the on-demand model. Meanwhile, the company has been drawing together the ingredients of what it now calls the Oracle SaaS Platform, which aims to package up a range of Oracle products into a coherent platform that ISVs can build their SaaS offerings on. As I mentioned when I wrote about Eight reasons SaaS will surge in 2008, the proliferation of SaaS platforms from major vendors will be a big factor in bringing more and more SaaS offerings to market in the coming years, and it’s a theme I’ll be discussing in my presentation on Friday.
Earlier, Aberdeen Group put out a research report that speaks to the momentum.

By way of disclaimer, I am biased and its been an exciting year for me as I have had the opportunity to lead this initiative at Oracle. More on this soon.

We are still accepting registrations for the SaaS Industry Summit.

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