Saturday, June 07, 2008

Haiku Poet

My blogging life touched a new low today. Or high, depending on your taste in literature. I am honored to be a published poet - using both words 'published' and 'poet' loosely. Very loosely.

Our Enterprise Irregulars group is an amazing group of people that chat, share ideas, argue, comment and sometimes even console each other or laugh at ourselves and those that we work for. In line with the tradition, we spontaneously broke out into some Haiku poetry that Michael Krigsman posted on ZDNet Blogs.

Here is what Michael had to say:

The intellectual capabilities and knowledge of the Enterprise Irregulars are highly regarded in the enterprise software world. Less widely known, however, is the true poetic talent of these fine folks. I’m therefore pleased to present IT failure haikus written by Jeff Nolan and Anshu Sharma, two of my Irregular colleagues.

In the first poem, Jeff muses on a ZDNet post by Phil Wainewright, discussing usage-based pricing for on-demand software:

Good thing this is
head in cloud
Get same stuff for less

Anshu follows a similar theme, but adds an exhilarating IT failures climax:

Free like air.
Twitter, Myspace.
Alas, they break.

There is more on the ZDNet site - see the full post.


Sonesh Prakash said...

hey bro...

this is to invite you to join, an interesting initiative for poetry enthusiasts. I am sure you would appreciate the web 2.0 capabilities incorporated on the site too..


Sonesh Prakash said...

the irony is....i saw an impel crm adword ad on your blog page..:)
i am sure you are witnessing them as competition especially in south india....these guys are really pinching us by bringing the ARPU's down by quoting ridiculously low prices

Anurag Batra said...

There's two kinds of people I don't get - one who write haikus, and the other who appreciate them. That being said, kudos!!

Anonymous said...

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