Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Things Done at Office2.0

Ready to be connected? (Photo by Azi)

Ismael Ghalimi is someone I have long admired for the number and quality of projects he takes on and finishes. In fact, he has built an Extreme Productivity Seminar that shares his techniques. (See slides here). He also happens to use, the platform, for automating his productivity techniques. He also wrote about iPhone functionality!

Once again, Office 2.0 - one of my favorite events that combines the world of all that is cool and office productivity into one great conference that's actually enjoyable to attend. REGISTER HERE!

Fellow friend and Enterprise Irregular blogger Dennis Howlett has a nice post about Office2.0 conference and who is attending. Zoli has a follow up post.

Here is what I am most looking forward to:
Send me any questions/comments you have and we will try to address them at the panel (or here on the blog).

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