Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Take Twitter and FriendFeed to Go with Feedly Mini

Feedly today announced its launching Feedly Mini - a floating toolbar that shows up at the bottom of your web browser as you visit a website - and lets you engage in conversations via FriendFeed and Twitter. For those who don't know what Feedly is - it combines the best of RSS Reader, a magazine-like interface (think Newsweek home page) and makes it come alive in the context of conversations via email, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Let's take an example - reading the New York Times editorial page. While the New York Times has a comments section - those comments are from people that I don't know and have no background on. Before Feedly Mini, I would have to post this on my Twitter page or FriendFeed to start a conversation with my friends - and do so manually. But with Feedly Mini, as shown below, a small non-intrusive toolbar floats up at the bottom of the page and in less than few clicks - I can discuss the bailout with my friends.

What does the Feedly Mini do?

One killer feature (shown below) is the ability to Tweet a blog post or web page directly from that page with less than 2 clicks. I simply click on the floating toolbar and add my comments and it shows up in my Twitter stream. Easy.
Re-Tweet From Feedly

The other feature that I really like is the ability to see what people are saying on FriendFeed about the blog post you are reading (or a newspaper webpage - like a New York Times Editorial page) and to be able to join the conversation directly in-context (see below).

Join FriendFeed Conversation from Feedly Mini

As the web goes from a publish subscribe (one-to-many) model to a conversational (many-to-many) style, tools like Feedly Mini will increasingly be important. Just as most of us no longer log into our computers or iPhones without turning Yahoo! or Google instant messaging on, the browsing of the internet will no longer be a lonely experience. You get to participate in a conversation in-context and with people that you are friends with. Of course, the term friend is loosely defined here. Very loosely. But that's a topic for a future post.

Try Feedly Mini out, and let me know what you think. And remember, comments are to bloggers what flowers are to women!

Update: Robert Scoble writes about Feedly Mini - New Feedly combines Google Reader, friendfeed, Twitter in great way for social network addicts.

Update 2: A commenter told me to forget about Twitter and focus on my day job. Here is a post on how Dell sold $1 Million worth of equipment via Twitter.


Edwin Khodabakchian said...

Thank you very much Anshu. We really appreciate you help in getting the word out. Reminds me that I should go by some flowers for my wife!

Chuchuk said...

Anshu, high time you get hitched, stop looking for comments and start buying flowers.

Anonymous said...

I think twitter is useless. And any innovation based on Twitter is junk.

Do your day job and take time to meet your real friends and business acquaintances - in person. Not via SMS.

Anshu Sharma said...

Yes, a lot of people find Twitter to be a completely useless tool. I personally haven't used it so I can't argue either ways from personal experience.

At the same time, it appears to be a rather handy tool for people whose job it is to cultivate audiences (New York Times writers, marketing gurus, coaches, etc.) or for those people that travel a lot and need to update status for many people.

For me, Twitter is not that useful. However, I do use cellular phone SMS service a lot - just like email.

The conversation would have been more interesting if you had shared what tools you do use (email, blogs, RSS) and what has your experience been with Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I nearly died using Twitter.

I was texting my current status, while driving a car in order for them to know the answer to the most fundamental question on Earth - What are you doing?

Now why would I give up my wonderful life as a Human to Twit like a bird?

Why Twit when you can meet a person face2face and talk - have a coffee, a beer, enjoy a show etc.

Be a human. Not a bird.

Anonymous said...

Why not have fun with Social Media

Listen to this rap

Have fun and stay safe.

Ian Brodie said...

Re: "I nearly died using twitter" - what a strange argument. Because you stupidly used twitter while driving you shoudl abandon it and do things face to face instead?

I suspect you'd have just as many problems driving while doing your alternatives - having a beer, a coffee or watching a show....