Saturday, October 17, 2009

Berkeley Haas >PLAY Conference, Digital Media, Diwali and Obama

I know that's a mouthful of a title - but let me help connect the dots (or clouds).

I will be talking about Cloud Computing, educating the future CEOs about the distinction between water vapor (thanks to on-premise CEOs), vapor products (thanks traditional vendors), private clouds (thanks disharmony) and real cloud computing!

Its a great day outside. Its Diwali - a show of lights celebrating all that's good - but Obama can explain this better using digital media than I can using words.

So as I venture to engage in a discussion on Cloud Computing at the Digital Media Conference, I can't help but wonder how else - Cloud (Youtube) and Digital Media (Online Video) would Obama be able to reach a micro audience (okay a billion people but only 2% of the population in USA) without the two - Cloud & Digital Media.

Look forward to talking to a lot of young (and old) MBA students and others attending >PLAY.

Write me your thoughts.

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