Thursday, April 07, 2011

India Revolt is Finally Here. Hello, Egypt and Tunisia.

This is my shortest blog post.

I have written about how India and its economy faces some grave challenges. The country was ruled by Socialist elites after independence from the British for 50 years. Then it has been ruled by the same set of people under a false Capitalism - where corruption runs rampant, black money (unaccounted for, untaxed) is in the hands of a few who continue to live in two Indias (New York Times Letter).

This is the beginning of the end of the cancer at the core of India. The citizens are finally energized and engaged having seen fellow global citizens in Egypt, Libya and Yemen - they want their revolution but not for democracy. Its a fight for real corruption free self government.

As always, it starts with a Facebook page these days: India Against Corruption

UPDATE: Here is a video that explains the issues. And Tom Friedman wrote an article that explains "Theory of Everything".

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